Victoria University Student Union - Declaration of the poll

The Victoria University Student Union (VUSU Inc) is the peak organisation representing the interests of all students at Victoria University.

Students nominate and elect other students to the Executive Committee and Campus Branch Committees of VUSU.

International students can nominate or elect other international students to the International Students Association (ISA) Committee as a general or campus representative. The ISA is affiliated with VUSU Inc. 

Postgraduate students can nominate or elect other Postgraduate students to the Postgraduate Student Association (VUPA) The VUPA is affiliated with VUSU Inc.

For the elections conducted in October 2009 for positions commencing office on 1st November 2009 until 31st October 2010 the following candidates are declared elected:

VUSU Executive Committee

Leon Burger (Fresh)                

General Secretary
Jonathan Barlow (Fresh)                

Vice President
Bianca Hallinan (Fresh)                    

Education Welfare Officer
Joy Soundias (Fresh)                    

Equity Officer
Lauren Allisha Fernando (Fresh)            

Events and Activities Officer
Dania Dabliz (Fresh)                    

Multimedia Officer
Saxon Woodroffe (Fresh)                    

National Union of Students (NUS)

Leon Burger (Fresh)                    
Jonathan Barlow (Fresh)                    
Lauren Allisha Fernando (Fresh)            
Penny  Antoniou-Libreri (Fus1on)            
Saxon Woodroffe (Fresh)                    
Thomas D’Souza (Fus1on)

International Students’ Association (ISA)

Garry Kuan (Fresh)
Ruinan Ge (Fresh)
Xing Jing (Fresh)
Yuan Fang (Fresh)    
Jingwen Shan (Christine) (Fresh)
Chen Yan (Fresh)
Sultan Sultan (Fresh)
Qian Miao (Fresh)    
Pulkit Dhingra (Fus1on)    

Campus Representatives (ISA) Footscray Nicholson
An Thi Hoai Hoang (Fresh)

Campus Representatives (ISA) Footscray Park
Ming Lui Shen (Fresh)

Campus Representatives (ISA) City Flinders
Antony E Philip ( Fresh)

Victoria University Postgraduates Association (VUPA)

Paul Bronson (Fresh)
Nilantha Gamage (Fresh)    
Gary Kuan (Fresh)
Yuhanis Adnan (Fresh)    
Muhammad Ali (Fresh)
Reni Suwarso (Fresh)
Mohammadreza Pourakbar (Fresh)
Iwan Juwana (Fresh)
Thomas D’Souza (Fus1on)            

Campus Representatives (VUPA) Footscray Park
Lin Wan Ju (Fresh)

Campus committees

Campus Representatives City Flinders Campus Chairperson
Claire Richardson (Fresh)                

City Flinders Campus General Representatives
Riannon Clancy (Fresh)    
Leanne Clayton (Fresh)
Breanna Wright (Fresh)
Nick Adams (Fresh)
Saxon Woodroffe (Fresh)
Campus Representatives Footscray Park Campus Chairperson
Matthew Gaite (Fresh)

Footscray Park Campus General Representatives
Steve Moner (Fresh)
Justin Leaney (Fresh)
Adam Rotblat (Fus1on)    
Raed Dabliz (Fresh)
Tristan Smith (Fus1on)

Campus Representatives Werribee Campus Chairperson
Cherie Hoffman (Fus1on)                

Werribee Campus General Representatives
Dang Nguyen (Fus1on)
Neha Deshpande (Fresh)
Sibina Schnabel (Fus1on)
Kalpana Basnyat (Fresh)
Kate Lindsay Seddon (Fus1on)

Campus Representatives City Queen Campus Chairperson
Rebecca Ballard (Fus1on)

City Queen Campus General Representatives
Thomas D’Souza (Fus1on)
Kathryn Arnett (Fresh)
Penny Antoniou Libreri (Fus1on)
Jodie Sheppard (Fresh)
Marshall Nichols (Fus1on)

Campus Representatives Footscray Nicholson Chairperson
Sean Joseph Hamilton (Fus1on)

Footscray Nicholson Campus General Representatives
Adriana Jennings (Fus1on)
Gbeaden Sangar (Fus1on)
Miaway Tougbar Sangar (Fus1on)
Mourad Mohammed (Fus1on)

St Albans Campus General Representatives
Radhika (Ritu) Makhija (Fus1on)


  • Russell Woodley
  • Returning Officer
  • Level 2, Building M, Footscray Park Campus
  • Phone: +61 3 9919 4061 or 0403 115 347
  • Fax: +61 3 9919 5054
  • Email: [email protected]

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