Surge in demand for higher education courses at St Albans

Students are voting with their feet – and their VCE scores – by applying in record numbers for courses offered at the St Albans Campus of the University.

Applications for places in the Bachelor of Education program at St Albans jumped a remarkable 86 per cent this year and demand for nursing has almost doubled.

Another popular choice at St Albans is paramedics – up 25 per cent. There is also solid growth in arts and science.

The overall increase in applications across all higher education courses at St Albans is 17 per cent.

Figures released by the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) last week reveal that the resurgence in the popularity of Arts degrees continues. Applications for Arts, offered mainly at the St Albans and Footscray Park campuses, are up by 25 per cent. Science applications across the University rose by 14.5 per cent.

VU has maintained its overall position across Victoria in preferences for higher education and TAFE courses, both of which are up, in line with the state-wide trend.

“The figures are reassuring,” said director of the Office of the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rodger Eade.  “They confirm the University’s strategy of concentrating high-quality courses and services at its major campuses is paying off.”

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