St Albans pedestrian safety campaign competition

Do you walk from St Albans Campus to the train station? Do you walk around St Albans shops and cafes?

During October, you may notice people waking around the area with pedestrian safety signs and materials as part of Brimbank City Council's Walk St Albans campaign. Walk St Albans encourages pedestrians in the area to take care and be safe - ultimately the campaign aims to reduce the number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities occurring in the area.

Enter the Stop. Think. Live ... Win! competition

As part of the Walk St Albans campaign, you are invited to enter the competition for your chance to win one of eight $50 JBHiFi vouchers!

Find out how to enter the competition on Brimbank Council's webpage Competition opens 3 October and closes 29 October 2011.


  • stop and think before crossing the road
  • use pedestrian crossings wherever possible
  • look out for pedestrians when driving

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