Sport scholarship applications

Applications for our 2014 Victoria University (VU) Sport scholarships will be accepted in June.

Available to current students, our sport scholarships and elite athlete support program assist outstanding VU athletes to balance their studies with the demands of elite level sport and to assist emerging student athletes in their aim to perform at the elite sporting level.

Sport scholarships assist student athletes with financial and in kind support for competition and training fees, international travel and University representation, as well as access to fitness centres and health services including the osteopathy, massage and nutrition clinics.

Scholarship categories

Our scholarships are available to all Victoria University students who meet the criteria.

Elite high performance

The Elite High Performance scholarship is our peak sporting scholarship. We award scholarships to one outstanding male and one outstanding female student athlete.

Emerging elite

The Emerging Elite scholarship is for student athletes who are demonstrating significant potential to reach elite levels. Available for two males and two females.

Aspiring elite (equity based)

We believe everybody should be given the opportunity to succeed. Our Aspiring Elite scholarships are awarded to students who come from one or more defined equity or personal disadvantage groups and who have the potential to reach the elite level in their sport as in the emerging elite category.

Equity groups may include:

  • Indigenous Australian decent
  • non-English speaking background
  • challenging family circumstances
  • financially disadvantaged
  • regional or remote origin
  • disability or medical condition.

Six scholarships are available and are provided equally to males and females. The scholarships target new students with at least 70% drawn from the western suburbs of Melbourne.


Applications closed on Friday 13 June 2014. 

For more information about our Sport scholarships contact Scott Cashmere, phone +61 9919 4433 or email [email protected].

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