Spectacular light and laser show beamed across Victoria

Victoria University journeyed across the State to treat students and families to spectacular and educational light and laser presentations. 

The two special shows, A Celebration of Light advancements with LASERS and Optics in Life Sciences and The Voyage of Light, were toured as part of National Science Week and the Royal Melbourne Show respectively.

Equipped with her 'James Bond' Optics suitcase, VU Biomedical Science Research Fellow Dr Nicoleta Dragomir travelled to western regional schools and the Melbourne Showgrounds to present exquisite experiments involving light.

Her school show highlighted the science of lasers from phasers to X-ray lasers, as well as examples from today's extraordinary uses of lasers in life sciences.

"Lasers are used when we communicate using our mobile phones, watching a video or needing medical help," Dr Dragomir said.

"Lasers are simply cool. One hundred years ago these possibilities were unheard of. The future is awaiting more scientists to discover and invent new ways to use light and its properties. It is very important to improve the quality of life through technology."

Dr Dragomir said she was thrilled to be able to show students the physical brilliance of lasers, as well as educate families at the Show about the physical brilliance of light.

"These were entertaining and engaging shows that will no doubt encourage more young people to follow science as a career.

Victoria University laser show

Victoria University laser show

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