Specialist make-up skills showcased

Victoria University's Diploma of Specialist Make-Up Services students showcased their extraordinary skills at a dazzling event at the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia. VIPs and Industry guests mixed with friends and family to marvel at the creativity and talent of the 57 graduates on display.

The passion of teaching staff Leeanne White; Mary Garrett-bond; Erica Wells; Samantha Pattison and Tamara Christen has been passed on to their students!

The passion of teaching staff Leeanne White, Mary Garrett-bond, Erica Wells, Samantha Pattison and Tamara Christen has been passed on to their students!

Sarah Tricola was a winner with her Mad Hatter character.

Models in character makeup on podium waiting to be judged

Night of Notables - a display of talent

Saleena Cheetamun preparing her character Hell Raiser Angelique

Saleena Cheetamun preparing her character Hell Raiser - Angelique

Students highlighted their readiness to transition from training to industry. Implementing the specialist skills acquired during the year-long diploma course, students impressed industry attendees with the intricate details of their characters on display. Students were responsible for bringing together every aspect of their creations: wigs were fashioned; prostheses constructed; costumes designed; and of course the magnificent makeup applied. The remarkable display was the result of extensive planning and practice.

Mary Garrett Bond, who has been teaching the diploma course for 12 years, expressed the sentiment of the crowd, "I am so proud of the way our students have really tapped into their imaginations and utilised their training to create this spectacular display."

Robert Walker, National Retail Excellence and Retail Education Manager from L'Oreal Australia, acknowledged the talent on display in his address to the students. "Tonight is about the work you have done and the careers you are about to embark on. This is not the end, this is your beginning. What you have produced today is where you start. Look at the work you have done, be self-critical and make sure you use that as a benchmark for every job that you do and improve. This is just the beginning of the journey; the only person who can control your destiny, is you."

The evening's festivities had a serious side with industry specialists reviewing the technical aspects of the projects and critiquing the implementation of the design concept. Mr Walker presented the Industry Choices Award to Alex Moon for his Wicked Witch saying, "The work is beautiful, absolutely fantastic."

These sentiments were seconded by Sharon Sinclair, founder of WASP lashes, who was unable to select just one recipient for the Wig and Lash Award. "The amount of work they put into these big nights is incredible, it really is the students and teachers that make our products come alive. The passion and quality of the work is outstanding." Ms Sinclair presented awards to Romy Westphal for her Geisha Girl and Sarah Tricola for her Mad Hatter.

The following students received extra recognition for their skills:

Outstanding Student Nomination 2012

  • La'Tecia Thomas - Akasha, Queen of the Damned
  • Virginia Sargent - Queen of Hearts
  • Teagan Simons - Medusa

Student Certificate of Encouragement

  • Dimity McClelland – Isis, Egyptian Goddess
  • Emma Curry – Jessica Rabbit
  • Brooke Moorhouse – The White Witch, Narnia

VU's Diploma of Specialist Make-Up Services equips students with the range of specialist skills required for a future as a make-up artist be it photographic, theatre, period, special effects, television, film or fashion. This is the only make-up course in Australia to encompass fashion and the arts and offer a direct pathway into hairdressing. 

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