Skills for growth

Jason Ham, Managing Director of the Uniform Superstore, has a clear vision of where he would like to see his business five years from now - namely, Australia’s most recognised and preferred uniform store with multiple locations in every Australian state. To meet this goal Jason has diligently planned for the growth of his organisation, taking advantage of Small Business Victoria initiatives, funded by the Victorian government. 

Most recently this has seen Jason begin the Skills for Growth program under which small to medium-sized enterprises are able to access free, independent workforce action and planning specialists to assist staff development, with particular emphasis on placing employees into accredited training.

The Skills for Growth program provides an opportunity to upskill existing staff to meet the changing needs of a rapidly growing business.

VU's Skilling Business provides a free service to Small to Medium Enterprises under the Victorian Government’s Skill for Growth Program. Skilling Business is a consortium between Victoria University and the Australian Industry Group.

To help Uniform Superstore, Skilling Business developed a Workforce Action Plan which will be the start of the training process for Jason and his staff. Skilling Business will use its understanding of the Vocational Education sector to ensure the transition to training will be a smooth one. With his existing workforce trained, Jason hopes their understanding of the business will be integral to the smooth rollout of his expansion plans over the next five years. The Skills for Growth program will be a vital part of this development.

To find out more about the Skilling Business program contact Rachel Francis - [email protected]

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