Saltmarsh research highlights threats to coastline

Victoria's mangroves and saltmarshes are misunderstood by land managers, under valued by the public and under threat from rising sea levels and coastal development.

Professor Paul Boon from Victoria University has just completed the first State-wide assessment of the wetlands that fringe the coast of Victoria.  The project was funded by the Strategic Reserve of the National Heritage Trust .

The 500 page report examines the diversity of wetland types and plant communities along the Victorian coast and provides analysis of the ecological condition and major threats to coastal wetlands in Victoria.  Recommendations in the report include the reservation or purchase of environmental land to support the inland retreat of mangroves and saltmarshes.  It also includes the first fine-scale mapping of all current mangroves and saltmarshes in Victoria.

Read the reports on the ISI publications page, under Industry reports. 

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