Research study into stressful life experiences and how they affect our mental health

You are invited to participate in a research project entitled "The effect of parenting styles and recent stressful life events on the development of obsessive-compulsive symptoms in a non-clinical population".

This project is being conducted by a student researcher, Catherine Hluchanic as part of a Masters of Clinical Psychology course at Victoria University under the supervision of A/Prof. Gerard A. Kennedy from Victoria University.

People are often influenced to think, feel, and behave in particular ways as a result of certain early life experiences within the family. Later experiences in adulthood, such as work and study concerns, relationship difficulties and illness have also been shown to influence the way we can think, feel, and behave in day-to-day life.

The aim of this project will be to investigate the environmental risk factors, such as parenting styles and recent stressful life events involved in the potential development of obsessive ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

The online survey is anonymous and will take you approximately ten to fifteen minutes to complete. You will not be asked to provide your name, or any identifying information at any point in the survey however you need to be over 18 years of age.

Each participant who completes the questionnaire for this study will help towards understanding the extent to which the combination of parenting styles and recent stressful life experiences contribute towards the potential development of subclinical levels of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Further, the findings of this research will highlight environmental risk factors to look out for when screening for OCD in a clinical setting.

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