Register for VU-IBM and VU-NAB mentoring programs

Registrations are currently open for the VU-IBM and VU-NAB mentoring programs.

The VU-IBM and VU-NAB Career Mentoring Programs matches you with a senior IBM or NAB staff member (mentor) individually, to discuss your career aspirations and concerns and to prepare you for your transition from study to work.

Why participate in the program

The benefits of participating in the program include:

  • practicing interview skills
  • developing a resume relevant to your desired industry/job
  • raising your awareness of career paths/job options for graduates in your discipline/course
  • discovering what employers are looking for in new employees/graduates
  • gaining knowledge of work/industry expectations and culture
  • developing professional networks in your chosen discipline
  • exploring options for work experience, site visits and job shadowing
  • applying for the IBM Graduate Program.

How it works

Each student (mentee) attends a 40 minute pre-Program Induction, and will then be matched to a mentor (one-on-one).

There are 3-6 meetings (approximately 60 minutes each) over 6-12 weeks - negotiate your own meeting times with the mentor, at a mutually agreed location and time (usually in CBD).

Ongoing support will be available from Student Career Development for all participants, as well as a comprehensive Program Instruction Manual.

The programs is for penultimate and final year students ONLY.

They are funded by VU - there are no fees for students.

How to register

To register, please complete the application form no later than Friday 22 August 2014 and nominate your preferred induction time/location.

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