Plumbing students flushed with success

School of Construction Industries students won the George Stone Pre-apprenticeships Award at the Master Plumbers Association's 105th Gold Medal Training Awards held at BMW Edge at Federation Square.

David Hassell receives his award

David Hassell receives his award

The George Stone Award, sponsored by CBUS, is designed to encourage students to continue their plumbing training. 2012 winners David Hassell and Jacob Yamin will take up this challenge with the students now employed as plumbing apprentices. Jacob with GJ Bradding Heating & Cooling  and David about to start at Banjo's Plumbing.

Jacob Yamin receives his award

Jacob Yamin is following a family tradition

A pre-app is not just for the young. After a successful career in warehousing and logistics,  David Hassell made a life-changing decision to switch professions. At 29 he became a "Mature Aged" Pre-Apprentice. "I was looking for a career change that would offer versatility, a challenge and an opportunity to be self-employed." 

Jacob Yamin is following a family tradition. "There are 3 generations of plumbers in my family.  I believe there will always be opportunities as long as you are prepared to work hard."

VU Staff were on on hand to celebrate

Plumbing Teacher Martin Turner supported the students

The VU teaching staff also recognises the hard work of these students, "They have put in the effort" says VU's plumbing teacher Martin Turner. "Not only have they received industry acknowledgement but they are creating a future for themselves. The whole school is very proud."

A pre-apprenticeship give students an opportunity to gain a more realistic expectation of the work involved in a particular trade and develop some important basic trade skills.

VU offers Pre-apprenticeships in  BricklayingCarpentry, Engineering - Fabrication,  Engineering - MachiningJoinery/Shopfitting/StairbuildingPlumbing and  Signage.

More information on plumbing training options at VU is available by contacting our team

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