Peak of excellence

The winners of the Victoria University's Vice-Chancellor's Peak Awards were announced on 21 November 2012.

The Vice-Chancellor's Awards give recognition to, and celebrate, the full spectrum of outstanding work performance and commitment to service of Victoria University staff. The awards are an opportunity for the Vice-Chancellor to recognise the exceptional practice and outstanding contributions of individuals and teams to VU, and beyond.

Career Achievement Awards were presented to Professor Dorothy Bruck and Dr Robin McCormack.

Professor Bruck was given the award for outstanding career performance in research and research leadership based on the international quality, impact, recognition and success she has achieved over an extended period, alongside a sustained contribution to her institution and her profession of Psychology. She has been an active, prolific and high-impact researcher, supervisor and academic leader in her chosen interrelated fields of sleep, sleep health and public health. Professor Bruck established the VU Sleep Laboratory in 1993, which she continues to co-ordinate some 20 years later. This is a research, training and education service that provides clinical services for community members experiencing sleep difficulties and disorders and offers highly valued facilities for teaching and training the next generation of sleep researchers under her supervision and leadership. Her research across 21 external nationally and internationally competitive grants has attracted over $2 million in research funding, including 10 ARC grants and three USA contract research grants.

Dr Robin McCormack was given the award for a long and successful career in education, characterised by dedication to student success, collegiality and generosity with teaching and underpinned by rigorous research always linked to teaching practice. Dr McCormack's work has spanned four decades and in this time he has worked to create opportunities for second chance learners in vocational, further and higher education through a focus on literacy. The breadth of his work encompasses practical applications as well as solid theoretical investigations of teaching literacy. This includes influential publications that have shaped the field of Adult and Further Education. His work continues to influence the development of the Liberal Arts course at VU and more recently his input to the development and delivery of course work components of postgraduate studies for PhD students studying at VU.

Peak awards were also presented to:

  • Dr Domenico Caridi, for Outstanding Engagement - Individual
  • Professor Glenn McConell, for Research and Research Training - Staff
  • Professor Maureen Ryan, for Research and Research Training - Supervision
  • Dr Jing He, for Research and Research Training - Early career researcher
  • Ms Kathy Dimitriou, Mr Paul Kinna, and Ms Loren Morena, for Learning and Teaching Vocational and Further Education - Team
  • Ms Sara Pheasant, for Outstanding Service to Victoria University - Individual

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