Participants wanted for sport and exercise science study

Healthy, enthusiastic volunteers aged 18-35 wanted for research investigating the effect of unilateral inactivity and retraining on strength, power, balance and skeletal muscle potassium regulation. Inactivity in this study involves walking with the aid of crutches for 23 days, which will be followed by seven weeks of resistance training three times per week. Muscle samples will be taken in three separate testing sessions.

From this study you will gain a thorough, scientific understanding of your muscle strength, power and cardiovascular fitness. You will also find your muscle fibre typing (fast or slow twitch percentage), receive seven weeks of supervised resistance training sessions, DXA scans to accurately assess composition of your lower limbs and a $400 honorarium at the completion of the study.

This study is to be conducted at Victoria University, Footscray Park. This study has been approved by the Victoria University Human Research Ethics Committee. Participation subject to eligibility criteria and limited places. Please read Information to participants for details. 

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