Never too late to change career direction

We strive to reach the top of our field, but what happens if we don't like the view when we get there?

For Victoria University student, Nik Mavrommatis, his successful web design business kept his young family comfortable, but he knew he wanted to make a difference to the world his son Elijah would inherit.

The 32 year old consulted with his partner Abbey before deciding on a new direction and enrolling in the Advanced Diploma Electrotechnology – Electrical. While friends were surprised at the choice of an engineering course, they have been supportive of his new path. They appreciate his desire to make a difference in the world.

"I was attracted to engineering because of the incredible impact innovations in this field can have, particularly in energy and sustainability."

Students enjoy the collaborative learning Gurinderjit Gill and Nik Mavrommatis

Students enjoy the collaborative learning
Gurinderjit Gill and Nik Mavrommatis

There have been some adjustments, "I'm used to being an expert in my area" says Nik. "It was humbling that my much younger classmates, having come straight from school, were much stronger in some subjects. We recognise we all have different areas of expertise so we work collaboratively to share our knowledge."

Teacher, Rahamat Mohammad, welcomes the diversity in the modern classroom. "The mix of students creates a great learning environment, their interactions add to our teaching program."

The VU staff have been important to making Nik's move successful. "The staff have been really supportive of my transition. Initially I found the maths component of the course a little overwhelming but Rahamat restructured his delivery plan and gave me extra support to get me up to speed."

On completing his Advanced Diploma Electrotechnology – Electrical, Nik Mavrommatis would like to be an electrical engineer.

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