Manning Melton's makeover

Form the groundwork for an apprenticeship in the plumbing industrywith Victoria University Polytechnic's pre-apprenticeship program.

Melton is growing bigger and better everyday.  The Shire is on target for a population explosion and Victoria University's Melton campus is ready to provide the army of trades people to make it happen.

The Local Government Association shows that Melton shire has the third fastest population growth in Victoria and is predicting a doubling in the number of residents by 2031.

"The federal government has just doubled the incentive paid to employers for construction tradespeople" reminds Peter Jacobson, Head of the School of Construction Industries. "Melton is already seeing the impact with additional courses being introduced, particularly in the key area of plumbing."

Trung Dang, Matt Hetherington and John Pearce are current students on track to fill the demand for qualified tradespeople. The trio all started their work lives in low skilled jobs and have made a concerted effort to make a change to their future, starting with a pre-apprenticeship in plumbing. The 15 week course develops important basic skills and allows students to acquire some on the job experience.

Melton Plumbing pre-apprentices

Melton campus is preparing these pre
apprentices to join the army of trades
people required for growth.

For these students, the chance to get ahead and create a long term career was the motivation to resume study, but hasn't been without challenges. "This is completely different to anything I'd done, I'd never used any tools before," reveals John Pearce. "The teachers have been really supportive to get me through."

Martin Turner, part of the plumbing teaching team, appreciates the obstacles. "We understand there are challenges in introducing tools of our trade for the first time. Not many people have a Water Jet Drain Cleaner, at home! We focus on thorough explanations to ensure safety and success."

The reliability and focus of these mature aged students is clear and they are determined to succeed in their profession. "We have chosen to come back to study, so we can have a future as a skilled respected, tradesperson" says Matt Hetherington "I'm looking forward to doing a job that is valuable and appreciated."

This group of students are half way through their plumbing course and will be looking to make their start in the industry when they finish in December.

The Melton campus will be running 6 plumbing courses for 2013.  To secure you place in the first intakes, you will need to register prior to Friday 23rd November 2012.

We can arrange a tour of the facilities, call us to make an appointment. For information on studying plumbing at VU or if you have a vacancy for a plumbing apprentice, please contact our team.

Martin Turner
Phone: +61 3 9919 7300
Email: [email protected]

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