Making maths manageable

A career as a sparky can be fulfilling and financially rewarding. However being an electrician isn't all switches and sparks, there is also a theoretical component to all apprenticeships.

Many students, thinking they had escaped the tortures of trigonometry are surprised and a little stressed to find their Electrical apprenticeship includes some advanced mathematical computations. Fortunately Victoria University students are not left to scale these maths mountains alone, working collaboratively with the program teams, the Learning, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) team is on hand to fill the knowledge gaps to ensure struggling students receive the attention needed to master their trade.

With 10 years as a LLN teacher at VU, Cathy Bushell prefers the classroom based assistance now on offer. Having students together has removed the past stigma associated with getting help, she says. "Previously students were withdrawn from class to get maths assistance, as a result they then often missed out on new work and fell even further behind. Now the whole process is integrated and almost everyone opts for a little extra support. It's easy to access and the benefits are clear."

The ability to address learning hurdles as they present is a major advantage for the students. Tas Aritodemou is a grateful recipient of the helping hand. After struggling at high school, Tas needed help with maths to complete his Certificate III in Electrotechnology – Electrician.

"Having Cathy work with me during class has made a real difference.She explains stuff as I'm doing it so that it makes sense 'cause I can see how it fits in and breaks it down to my level. Without her knowledge and guidance, I don't think I would be passing."

Student requirements range from refresher sessions to recap the basics, to ongoing assistance throughout their studies. LLN support is available for all students at VU.
The School of Engineering and Industrial Training offers engineering courses from Certificate level through to Advanced Diplomas in Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil.

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