Life gets easier for international students in Australia

It will become easier to get a visa to study for a degree in Australia thanks to the Knight Review of the student visa system. The Australian Government has accepted Mr Knight's recommendations.

When students are accepted into a degree course at an Australian university, their visa application will be assessed as Level 1. This is the same whatever their country of origin. Therefore their application will be processed more quickly.

If students are offered a place in a course that is packaged with a degree (such as an ELICOS course, a TAFE certificate or diploma that leads to a degree) the visa application will also be assessed as Level 1.

These changes do not affect ELICOS courses or TAFE courses that are not packaged with university degrees.

Graduates have the right to work for two years

Another recommendation of the Knight review is that students who graduate from university in Australia will have the right to work in Australia. Students who complete a bachelor or masters degree will have the right to work for two years, or in the case of a PhD, for four years.

More flexible work entitlements

Students will now be able to work for a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight, rather than 20 hours per week. This means they can adjust their working hours to fit in with busy times.

Packaging courses to benefit students

Most universities only offer degrees. But at Victoria University, students can choose from courses at many levels, depending on their needs.

Victoria University offers English language courses, certificates and diplomas of vocational education, as well as bachelor, masters and higher degrees. We help students to advance their qualifications, year by year, until they reach their ultimate goal.

An offer from Victoria University can include a number of courses packaged together, including degrees. This means that the student will benefit from the new visa rules and work rights.

The new visa rules and work rights make Victoria University an even more attractive option for students.

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