Language study changes at Victoria University

In 2011, changes will be made to how students study languages at Victoria University. VU will only continue to offer the Vietnamese language program at the Footscray Park Campus through the School of Communication and the Arts. Other languages can be taken at other Melbourne based universities as part of your VU course.

Studying languages other than Vietnamese

If you want to study a language other than Vietnamese, you must fill out the VU Cross-institutional application form. You may be required to sit a placement test to assess the appropriate level of study if you have previously undertaken language studies. 
Please note:  You are required to enrol at both institutions.

Please look at the following options for studying languages other than Vietnamese:

University of Melbourne

Contact Alana Madigan for more information. Email [email protected]

La Trobe University
Spanish program
Asian Studies 

Monash University

Contact us

If you have any questions about the changes to studying languages please contact your course coordinator.

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