Improve your soccer playing performance

The School of Sport and Exercise Science and the Institute of Sport Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL) are conducting exciting new research into nutritional supplements and its effects on team-sport athlete skill performance and decision making in extreme environments.

This study will provide you with a means of improving your soccer playing performance using protein drinks to overcome fatigue during matches.You will be given an honorarium of $100 for your participation in the study.

To be eligible to participate in this study you must:

  • be a male aged 16-30
  • be regularly playing & training
  • be a non smoker
  • not be suffering from or treated for depression.

You will be required to participate in five separate days of testing over five weeks including a fitness profile, soccer specific skills test and exercise protocol. Each trial involves performance of a soccer specific exercise protocol and skills test in a simulated hot and low oxygen environment. Before each trial you will receive a nutritional supplement.

For further information contact:

Tom Eaton [email protected] or Aaron Potter [email protected]

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