Helping Balinese tourism develop a sustainable future

A project led by the Centre for Tourism and Services Research (CTSR) is developing a Balinese tourism strategy to ensure the destination remains sustainable and attractive.

The Green Growth 2050 Roadmap, commissioned by the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, will be a strategy for Bali to take an international leading role in the new green economy and tourism market and provide a road map for action and investment.

This project will deal with climate change adaption, sustainable tourism development and the delivery of increased living standards for Balinese people.

PhD candidate Alexandra Law is currently in Bali to collect and analyse data for the project. She is also liaising with project partners and helping with the project organisation on the ground.

"This is a fascinating destination with a unique culture and incredible creativity,"￾ Ms Law said.

"This project will guide the way for Bali to develop and implement its own green growth vision and ideas and adapt to future risks from climate change."

CTSR Research Fellow Dr Sebastian Filep, a co-investigator in this international research project, will be researching visitor perceptions and satisfaction with the Bali experience.

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