Have your say on e-learning at VU!

We need your help! VU is currently reviewing its e-learning environment, and this includes not only the tools we use to support online learning but also the support we provide for students and for teachers.

The review has been triggered in part by the fact that WebCT is being withdrawn from the market in 2012. Our e-learning environment now extends well beyond WebCT.

The most widely used components are systems for lecture capture and replay (ReVU or Lectopia), plagiarism detection (Turnitin) and e-portfolios (My ePortfolio or PebblePad).

There are others that are used by some VU staff, including blogs, wikis and social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter.

Because e-learning is now a central part of learning and teaching at university, it must reflect the needs of those who use it. So we want to know what you think of VU's present e-learning arrangements (not just WebCT, but the other tools as well) and what you'd like to be able to do in an ideal e-learning environment at VU.

This survey consists of only six questions and will close on 21 April. It is anonymous and no-one, including the researchers, will be able to identify you from your response to the survey.

You can also let us know your thoughts on twitter, just use the hashtag #elerp so we can find out what you think.

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