Hair today, gone tomorrow for charity

Jo Buzza with before shot

Victoria University staff member Jo Buzza has raised nearly $4000 for the Cancer Council of Victoria by shaving her head.

Jo, who works in VU's School of Engineering and Science at Footscray Park, said it took guts to cut off the curly black hair that reached half-way down her back.

But it was nothing compared to the courage she has seen from the woman who inspired her to do it.

Jo lopped off her locks to support her godmother, Carol, who lives near Bacchus Marsh. Carol, 59, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, which has progressively worsened over the years.

"She's a wonderful woman and has taken her role as my godmother very seriously," she said.

On the day of the cut, Jo put her hair into two ponytails. She let her boyfriend sever one, and auctioned the opportunity to slice the second one off for $120. She still carries some of it around in her handbag to remind her of what she once had.

"I won't lie, there were a couple of tears, but a few days on, I've gotten used to it and it's starting to grow on me."

In fact, the St Kilda resident, who now sports a number one buzz cut, said the project has been surprisingly invigorating.

"When I look in the mirror now, it's just my face - nothing else looking back. It's really quite liberating to remove physical barriers."

Jo has been surprised by the response, as she had hoped to raise only about $1500.

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