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Electrical Engineering expert Professor Peng Shi, who has been recognised as one of the world's leading researchers in Thomas Reuters’ list of Highly Cited Researchers 2014, is the most cited author in VU Research Repository.

Professor Peng Shi from the College of Engineering and Science has ver 400 publications listed in the repository. He is currently the most cited author in the repository with 7,469 citations.

Within the repository, his most cited paper (with 239 citations) is the 2006 publication: Shi, Peng and Xia, Yuanqing and Liu, G. P and Rees, D “On Designing of Sliding-Mode Control for Stochastic Jump Systems”, published in the journal IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control.

The practice of depositing his publications in the repository also allows Professor Peng Shi to meet the recommendations of funding bodies (including ARC and NHMRC) i.e. to deposit research publications in an institutional or subject-based repository. Professor Peng Shi is the recipient of a Discovery Grant from Australian Research Council (2014-2016) and a Linkage Grant from Australia Research Council (2014-2016).

How to deposit into VU Elements

Depositing a publication in the repository requires a simple click.

VU researchers who have claimed publications as theirs in the recently implemented system VU Elements just need to click the Deposit icon (look for the arrow symbol) to deposit their publications in the repository.

There might be a validation time (slight delay) before a publication becomes visible in the repository. Further information is available on the submitting a paper page.

If access to VU Elements is not available, a researcher can still deposit their research paper in the repository by emailing the research repository team at [email protected].

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