Feasting in Footscray

The Feasting in Footscray Program is a series of events in the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival from 4-14 March 2011.
The program has been developed by the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival in partnership with local business and industry partners, including Victoria University.

Enjoy African food at An African Affair, rediscover the lost arts of cuisine, or be raced through the streets of Footscray and enjoy a five course Vietnamese meal in the Rickshaw Run. As well as trying different tastes, you can also learn new and exciting skills through master classes.

Events at Victoria University

Diabetes Darlings

Did you know that type 2 diabetes affects one in seven people in the Western suburbs compared to the Victorian average of one in thirty? The Western suburbs a real hotspot for this disease but that does not mean that people should not be able to eat well and enjoy their food.

Celebrate an evening of delicious diabetic food - including desperately desirable dessert.

Goodbye Gluten

Are you one of the many Australians who have to deal with a gluten free lifestyle? Come along and enjoy a 5 course degustation dinner.  Each course will be matched with beverages and prepared by Victoria University students and teachers from our Le Cordon Bleu Program. Guests take recipes home so they can recreate the dishes. Enjoy an evening where your dietary requirement doesn't get in the way of your pleasure.

The Lost Arts
Come and see some of the finer points of the lost arts of cuisine: curing and smoking foods; making perfect cheese; the effects of properly developed marinades and dry rubs; and basic preserving and pickling. While this is not a hands-on program and will be delivered in Victoria University's culinary lecture theatre, there will be tastings and sampling galore.

Round the World in 180 Minutes
Four quick fire classes, 45 minutes each in Victoria University's brand new training kitchens in the VenU restaurant. Here you will learn from experts how to emulate those flavours of the African continent and Asia that we love so much.

Are You a MasterChef?
Be one of 15 competitors in this 120 minute mystery box challenge, just like the Masterchef contestants, under the watchful eye of our Victoria University nationally accredited culinary judges and coaches. Not for the faint of heart. And there's a prize.

Pen Mightier Than Peeler
Assisted by our Executive Chef and one of Melbourne's renowned food writers, you'll learn the skills of food criticism over a three course dinner and drinks and be able to serve up a column of your own.

Events off campus

There are many more varied events held at different locations in Footscray, as part of the program.

Footscray is known for its diverse community and with that brings many different food, art and cultural experiences. Come along and immerse yourself in Feasting in Footscray events.

Download the full program.

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