Exciting collaboration for research partner

Over the past year, Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living staff have undertaken collaborative work with the Australian Institute for Musculoskeletal Science (AIMSS).

Established between Victoria University, Western Health, and the University of Melbourne, AIMSS delivers research into bone, muscle and joint disorders.

AIMSS recently marked its first year with the announcement of a new exchange program with the Mayo Clinic in the United States.

Western Health Chief Executive Associate Professor Alex Cockram said the first year of AIMSS had been about laying strong foundations and setting up innovative collaborative projects between AIMSS and its two main partners, Victoria University and the University of Melbourne.

Victoria University's Institute of Sport, Exercise Science and Active Living researchers work closely with AIMSS to lead a number of clinical exercise science and active living projects, funded by a Collaborative Research Network grant.

These projects include gait analysis for falls prevention (led by Associate Professor Alan Hayes), born small and exercise (Professor Glenn McConell), exercise and insulin sensitivity (Dr Itamar Levinger), cancer and exercise (Dr Erik Hanson), metabolic diseases and exercise (Dr Nigel Stepto), active lifestyles in ageing individuals (Professor Remco Polman) and sport participation (Associate Professor Bob Stewart).

The AIMSS-Mayo Clinic Travelling Scholars Program will offer a unique opportunity to develop closer collaboration between the two organisations, and will have great value for Victoria University.

The Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit global leader in medical care, research and education which specialises in treating difficult cases.

ISEAL's Acting Director Professor Mike McKenna said, "ISEAL staff working closely on clinically focused projects through AIMSS has greatly enhanced our research capabilities and networks in clinical exercise science and active living."

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