Engineering student safety revolutionised

Student safety has been revolutionised with the redesign of the Motor Control Training Module by Victoria University's Electrotechnology Department. 

Training models are used in classrooms around the world to simulate automation equipment for manufacturing. With high voltages involved in the existing training apparatuses, David Borg, Education Manager at VU's School of Engineering and Industrial Training, recognised a potential threat to the safety of his students.

Mr Borg's initiative has resulted in a new and vastly improved Motor Control Training Modules. The new design simulates extra low voltage which will allow students to safely master new skills. The innovation continues with portability and flexibility added to the modules features.

NHP Electrical Engineering Products, a leading Australian supplier of Motor Control & Electrotechnology products systems and solutions, will be manufacturing and distributing the unit. "We are so impressed by the flexibility of this design" says Raymond Ward NHP's Sales Representative Education and Health "Not only is it safer but it adapts to any industry." 

Electrotechnology is a hi-tech industry which covers all aspects of electrical, electronic, instrumentation and communication technologies.  Students starting Electrotechnology courses  at VU in Semester 2, will be the first beneficiaries of this updated technology. 

VU will be offering a mid-year enrolment for the Electrotechnology courses.  More information on our courses.

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