Engineering industry partnerships work

Victoria University has a long established history of engaging in community partnerships to ensure graduates receive a qualification that has prepared them a dynamic workforce.

Industry connections forged with NHP Electrical Engineering Products ensures the content of VU's School of Engineering and Industrial Training courses keep up with current industry practices.

NHP, a leading Australian supplier of Motor Control & Electrotechnology products systems and solutions, has been working with Rockwell Automation to develop a price competitive Programmed Logical Control. The development of the MICRO800 sets a new benchmark for convenience, ease of use and control.  The unit functions as a smart relay with high current relay outputs, but has the programming capabilities of a micro PLC allowing users without programming expertise to perform basic configuration operations. 

NHP's Antonil Klassen recently presented the new MIRCO 800 relay system to Advanced Diploma of Electrical Engineering students. "It is important that graduating students have the right knowledge of trends in technology" says Mr Klassen. 

Paul Webster, who teaches the Advanced Diploma, values these interactive sessions. "Introducing the latest technology into the classroom gives our students a better learning opportunity. VU students are valuable in the industry because they are familiar with the latest equipment and trends."

Electrotechnology is a hi-tech industry which covers all aspects of electrical, electronic, instrumentation and communication technologies. VU has courses available from Certificate II through to Advanced Diploma. Contact our team for more information on studying Electrotechnology at VU.

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