Engineering activities for school students

The Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science invite secondary schools to book your years 7-10 students to a number of free hands-on engineering activities at our Footscray Park campus.

Students will work in teams for each activity: 

  • Tsunami - teams to design and construct a structure to withstand the passing of a seismic wave.
  • Aerodynamic drag - teams to design and construct a ground vehicle to offer the best possible aerodynamic characteristics.
  • Tall buildings for earthquakes - teams to design and construct a tall building model to withstand seismic ground motion.
  • Shock absorbing landing pad - teams to design and construct a landing pad to protect a fragile object from damage during a landing
  • Wind turbine design - teams to design and construct the blades of a turbine to extract a maximum of energy from wind.

Each activity is of 3 hours duration and are available by request throughout the year.  Download the flyer for details.

For further information, contact Santa Giordano on 9919 2103.

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