Developing a responsive regulatory system for Australia's small corporations

Victoria University was awarded a $331,411 ARC Linkage and Australian Treasury grant to investigate regulation in small business (2008-2011).

The study is being carried out in collaboration with University of Western Sydney, University of Canberra, University of Technology Sydney and Southern Cross University. Stakeholders in the project include industry partners and Federal Treasury.

Australia's small corporations play a vital role in national economic and social wellbeing. They comprise more than 99% of all firms, employing more than 3.5 million people. Their regulatory needs, however, are largely ignored because regulation is aimed at large listed firms, and 'trickle down' compliance by small firms is assumed. This project constructs a 'bottom-up' responsive regulatory model for small firms.

Project aims:

  • determine theorganising principles adopted by the regulators of Australian corporations in order to control, govern and regulate small corporations
  • identify and distil the particular Federal regulatory requirements relevant to the growth and expansion of small corporations
  • determine the most effective regulatory framework to assist and enable optimum performance by small corporations
  • identify and map out a law and policy reform agenda to consolidate regulatory changes 

ARC team members

  • Professor Michael Adams, University of Western Sydney
  • Professor Anona Armstrong, Victoria University
  • Professor Andrew Clarke, Victoria University
  • Professor Thomas Clarke, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Professor Ian Eddie, Southern Cross University
  • Dr Kumi Heenetigala, Victoria University
  • Professor Phil Lewis, University of Canberra
  • Dr Alice Richardson, University of Canberra

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First symposium: May 2012

A symposium titled 'Small Business forum: Developing a Responsive Regulatory System for Australia's Small Corporations' was held in May 2012, and a report on the first stage of the project was launched by the Executive Dean.  Results from the project was reported by Mr Yongqiang Li and Dr Kumi Heenetigala.

Presentations at the first symposium were: 

A second symposium is to be held in September 2012, where the results of the study will be revealed. For further information, visit the Symposium event page.

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