Design links Denmark and VU

Victoria University's Newport Campus recently hosted one of Denmark's most recognised furniture makers, Erling Christoffersen. Erling is the recipient of the prestigious Victoria University/International Specialised Skill Institute International Fellowship.

He conducted a two-day workshop in early June that was aimed at furniture designers and designer/makers, master and emerging cabinetmakers and those who wish to explore furniture design and manufacture.

Erling shared his expertise and insights through a Danish perspective and introduced participants to the history and context, theories and examples of Scandinavian furniture and cabinetmaking.

Participants were taken through the design process from concept to prototype that is suitable for manufacture.

As part of the design, students created another object for outdoor living.This had to take into account external environments such as snow, rain, heat and life style. Participants had to be innovative with sustainability and recycling key to the design.

The workshop provided a wonderful opportunity for participants to gain inspiration and experience and to test their ideas.

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