Cooney answers the tough questions at VU Sports Camp

VU's Sports Camp Holiday program is in full swing, and on Tuesday Bulldogs AFL star Adam Cooney made an appearance after his training session. The 2008 Brownlow medallist remained good natured as he fielded questions from the kids, including one that next time, could they bring Brad Johnson instead?

Cooney, originally from Adelaide, said that apart from surfing, football was the only thing he was interested in as a youngster growing up in Adelaide. He said it was fun and made him feel good about himself. Importantly, as he grew older, it also kept him fit and out of trouble, as he saw some of his friends going out drinking. Lacking the ability to be a pro surfer, he was lucky or good enough to be accepted into the Bulldogs, and the rest, including his Brownlow, is history.

"Every game's a tough one except when you play Richmond," he joked when asked what his toughest game was.

A mid-fielder, Cooney said he runs a lot, and those running the most in a match, tracked by GPS, can clock up 12-16km per game.

He finds night games the toughest, as he likes usually to have breakfast and get down to the field and play without having to dwell too much on the game ahead.

The Bulldogs are currently training six days a week, and he said his family looks forward to Sundays when they can do things together. 

And he did discuss that rumour about offering his girlfriend a Burger Ring when he proposed. True or not, he said he upgraded to a Cheezel. But on more important matters, he predicts the Bulldogs will win this year's premiership.

The kids had a great time and crowded around afterwards to get their footballs, shirts and drink bottles signed.

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