Certificate study leads to carpentry career

The move to post-secondary study is increasing, as students elect to enhance their employment opportunities with additional qualifications.

Victoria University students have an advantage, in addition to being recognised as a leading industry trainer, the strong links our staff maintain with the building industry provides a job referral program. Our industry connections allow many trade students to graduate with a certificate and a career starting job.

Joel Worth is one student finishing his carpentry studies and walking straight into a carpentry apprenticeship. Thanks to the referral service, Joel won't have time for the stumps to settle, he has an immediate start with Ben Paige's family building business, P & R Constructions.

Cert II Building and Construction students
working on the transportable home

Mr Worth, took some time out to re-evaluate his future after the science degree he started straight from school didn't inspire him as a potential career. His interest in working with his hands was reignited after helping a family friend on a building project. Looking to turn the interest into a profession, Joel found the prospective employers he had approached, preferred the work ready skills of those who had completed a pre-apprenticeship.

"I chose to do the building course at VU Melton because of the transportable homes being built, " he explains. "Building an actual wall that will be used, rather than a fake for a training tick, is real a benefit. I'll be entering [the workforce] understanding what I'll be doing and how it connects to the whole project."

The opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a live project has a positive impact on their learning outcomes.They see the pieces fitting together and it cements the theory. For the teaching staff, it also highlights the students who are passionate about their craft.

Joel is an outstanding student says his
teacher Ross Frirth

"We are fortunate to have students with a passion for the industry, " says teacher Ross Firth. "Joel is committed to taking advantage of the knowledge available. His work ethic and enthusiasm for learning sets a great example for our younger students."

The Melton campus will be running two pre-apprenticeship building courses in 2013. To secure your place in the first semester intake, please contact our team by 04 December 2012.

VU actively work with the building industry to provide a job referral program, matching students with prospective employers. If you have a vacancy for an apprentice, please contact our team.

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