Build skills for a trade future

School is out for 2013 and for many students the end of the year also means the end of school. While some have their career and study paths mapped, some school leavers are weighing up their options.  

Students looking to a future in a trade can build a strong foundation to their careers with a pre-apprenticeship at Victoria University. 

A pre-apprenticeship gives the opportunity to develop important basic skills and gain an understand of the work involved in a particular trade. The Certificate II courses offer off-the-job training at VU’s state-of-the-art facilities and work experience with an employer. Pre-apprenticeship training can prepare you for entry into an apprenticeship.

 “Completing a pre-apprenticeship course demonstrates a student’s commitment towards their chosen trade” says VU Education Manager Murray Miller. “VU has a great reputation for consistently providing quality pre-apprentices. Our industry connections allow many trade students to graduate with a career-starting job.”

VU offers pre-apprenticeship training in:

Contact Trades College to enrol in a pre- apprenticeship commencing in early 2014.

Phone: 9919 7000




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