Be Kind to Animals Week at VU

October 1 – 7 is Be Kind to Animals Week, a time for us to give thought to the important role animals play in our lives.

And it's also a great chance for you to do something kind for an animal in your life!

Edgar's Mission is a non-for-profit farm sanctuary in Victoria that has opened its gates to over 250 rescued animals. They rely on donations of not only money, but also things like bedding, towels, clothes, bowls and cups — anything that can be used to feed and house the animals.

Keep an eye out for donation bins at VU campuses

As part of Be Kind to Animals Week, we've set up drop-off points around the campuses where students and staff can donate items to go to Edgar's Mission.

What to donate

  • Towels
  • Blankets and bedding (or items that can double as warm bedding)
  • Cups and bowls
  • Containers and storage vessels
  • Torches
  • Tinned veggies (plain, no onion, garlic or sauces)

And any other items you think may be of use.

Where to donate

Footscray Park

St Albans

  • Outside Student Service Centre

City Flinders

  • VUHQ (Student Service Centre)

Footscray Nicholson

  • Footscray Nicholson Childcare centre


  • Student Service Centre

Keep an eye out for donation bins around your campus! We'll be collecting them on Friday 12 October.

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