Australian Business Week (ABW) Enterprise Education program

VU is proud to be partnering with the 2011 Australian Business Week (ABW) Enterprise Education program. ABW is one of Australia's most successful enterprise education programmes for secondary students. In a six-week program, school-nominated year 11 students will participate in activities that will develop:

  • teamwork
  • online communication skills
  • problem solving ability
  • a mind for business.

Guided by expert mentors, students will be divided into ten teams of ten, and given a variety of tasks. Students will be required to work online for the duration of the six-week program, communicating with their team members from school and home.

Students will meet at the City Flinders campus on 30 July, 20 August and 10 September for full days of activities. Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on the final day of competition. Students are encouraged to bring family, friends and teachers along to the event.

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