Assistive software available on all library PCs

Read&Write Gold is a toolbar with great features to help you actively improve your reading, writing and research skills.

Read&Write Gold:

  • reads text out loud from any document (MS Office, web browsers and text PDFs)
  • converts text to sound files so you can download your lectures and listen to them at home
  • contains study skills and research features including vocabulary tools and list builders, Fact Finder, Fact Mappers and Study Skills Highlighters. 
  • supports writing by providing help constructing sentences with spelling checks, dictionaries, sounds like and commonly confused words, word predictor and verb checker
  • enlarges, highlights or blocks out words or paragraphs with screen masking, different coloured acetates or tinting

The software is available on all student PC's at all VU Campus Libraries & Learning Spaces and available for staff to install on their work PC's.

For more information about what Read&Write Gold watch the instructional videos available on YouTube, read the quick-start guide or contact Disability Services


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