APEC economies workshop series

What are the most productive ways for national logistics associations to work with government agencies? How can NLAs contribute effectively and efficiently to supply chain connectivity? How important is international cooperation between NLAs?

These and numerous other issues were explored in depth at a series of three workshops funded by AusAid under its Asia Public Sector Linkages program and held in Melbourne, Bangkok and Hanoi between April 2011 and May 2012.

Titled "Compendium of Best Practices and Benefits of National Logistics Associations in Selected APEC Economies", the project attracted top-level delegates from government agencies and industry in the six participating countries – Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Led by the workshops' facilitator, ISCL Director, Dr Hermione Parsons, the delegates shared critical initiatives, success stories and lessons learned. They made presentations, participated in breakout group sessions, were addressed by prominent guest speakers and toured major supply chain facilities in each host country.

As a direct outcome of the workshops, PNG – the only participant without a national logistics association prior to the project – established its NLA in February 2012.

Most satisfying was the successful completion, at the final workshop in Hanoi, of a generic template - in essence, a best practice "to do" list designed to assist APEC economies in achieving strategic goals through partnerships between robust industry-based NLAs and government.

This invaluable resource has been posted on the APEC Transport Working Group website:

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