Active seniors star in new video

A new video by Victioria University researchers stars a happy bunch of active seniors working out in Sunshine North.

PhD researcher Myrla Sales said the exercise park project was researching health programs for seniors and spreading the message about the importance of staying fitter longer.

You can watch the video here.

It shows off the park’s platforms, steps, bridges and bars all specifically designed to give seniors a fun workout for all the skills they need in their day-to-day lives, while incorporating extra safety features like soft, non-slip rubber surfaces and rounded edges.

“This is designed to help keep you in shape for all the skills in daily life like climbing stairs, lifting shopping bags, doing the gardening or keeping up with your pet or grandchild at the park,” Mrs Sales said.

“This is something different that has not been done before and what’s great is that it allows people to be outside in the fresh air, with their friends or making new ones and keeping up their skills to stay active.”

Researchers are inviting over-60s to give the new facility a trial so they can measure the benefits it has for maintaining strength, balance and other key skills in older people.

To learn more about this research project contact Mrs Sales on 0447 017 820 or [email protected]

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