2012 Knowledge Management Symposium

Managing knowledge in organisations has come under the spotlight as increasing challenges face the global economic world such as ageing workforce, skills shortage, multicultural diverse workforce and technology.  These are key issues businesses must address to be successful. 

In May 2012, the School of Management and information systems held a two-day Business Management Symposium examining and discussing Knowledge Management (KM) in the 21st Century. The symposium enabled students to understand the importance of KM through research undertaken by VU students, complimented with real-life cases presented by industry practitioners. Speakers included:

KM efforts typically focus on organizational objectives such as improved performance, competitive advantage, innovation, sharing of lessons learned, integration, and continuous improvement. KM efforts overlap with organizational learning, and may be distinguished by a greater focus on encouraging the sharing of knowledge. It is relevant to both small and large organisations across industry to find a strategic way of management that ensures operations are socially and ethically engaged. 

The symposium helped increase students' understanding of knowledge transfer in an organisation's internal system, and its external relationships and communication flows with other stakeholders of the value chain. 

Students were exposed to real corporate culture, and were able to build key skills, enabling them to apply their knowledge and concepts of corporate management to the situations related by the KM Practitioners. 

Speakers at the first forum were:

  • Adrian Fitzgerald, Meteorologist, Bureau of Meteorology - 'The Application of Knowledge Management Systems in a Scientific Environment'
  • Charlie Kobak, GM, Crownland Security - 'The Success of Learning and Knowledge Sharing'
  • Darren Reid, VP & Leader: Emerging Market Services, CA Technologies - 'Methods of Sharing Knowledge within Big Companies'
  • David Landgren, CEO, Fenner Dunlop Australia and America - 'The Practical Implementation of Sharing Knowledge'
  • Lucia Vorpasso, Assistant Principal, Strathmore North Primary School - 'Managing Knowledge of the Future'
  • Manuel Cantu, KM Manager, Mexico - 'Current Tools and Techniques of Knowledge Management in Practice'
  • Maria Isabella, Financial Coordinator, Monash City Council - 'How Information Flows in a Bureaucratic Structure'
  • Steven TowersManager, Victorian Water Police - 'Knowledge Management Reflecting on Here and Now'

The 2012 Knowledge Management Symposium was a great success, and additional symposiums are planned for the future. For further information, contact Selvi Kannan (details top right of page).

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