2011 successful Endeavour Award recipients

Dr Bo Zhu, a researcher from Victoria University's Institute for Sustainability and Innovation, was recently awarded an Endeavour Award Fellowship from the Australian Federal Government to undertake his research in China.

Continuing his research on advanced titania and zeolite membranes for water treatment, Dr Zhu will spend up to six months during 2011 at Nanjing University of Technology, China. He will be working with Professor Wanqin Jin's research group at the State Key Laboratory of Materials-Oriented Chemical Engineering expanding his research on other advanced materials such as metal organic framework (MOF) membranes during his visit.

Dr Zhu is currently working on a collaborative ARC Discovery Project ("Designing the surface and structural properties of MFI zeolite membranes for low energy ion-selective desalination") with CSIRO, the University of South Australia and Arizona State University in the USA, and a Victoria University Researcher Development Grant project (Development of multifunctional titania membranes for water treatment).

Seven other scholars from India, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, India and Vietnam were awarded the same fellowship to spend four to six months with us to conduct collaborative research.

The Endeavour Awards are part of the Federal Government's internationally competitive, merit-based Australian Scholarships program, providing high-achieving individuals with a unique opportunity to undertake study, research or professional development.

The Awards aim to develop collaboration and foster research and professional linkages between Australia and rest of the world.

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