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VU kitchen scraps keep worms fat and healthy

Victoria University is fattening composting worms at their St Albans Campus by feeding them food scraps from the commercial kitchens of the Sunshine Campus' Convention Centre.

VU catering staff and members of the environmental team realised the lettuce leaves, potato peels and other organic scraps they normally threw out could be better used by worm farms at the Iramoo Environment Centre, a sustainable community education centre at the St Albans Campus.

Catering staff now send them about two large wheelie bins a week of organic vegetable matter. Once at St Albans, the scraps are added to worm farms to create compost for Iramoo's community gardens.

Sunshine Convention Centre head chef Nicole Dempsey said: "When we started working with VU's environment team, it was amazing to see how much food waste we were putting into the rubbish."

Jenny McAlloon, manager of VU venues and catering said the trial at the Convention Centre has been such a success that she expects to roll it out across other VU food outlets, starting at St Albans.

The project embraces one of VU's key values, environmental stewardship.

A photo of Nicole Dempsey using a compost bin in the Sunshine Convention Centre kitchens is available on request

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