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VU Council downsizes for a competitive edge

The Council of Victoria University (VU) has decided to reduce its size from 21 to 14 members.

Chancellor George Pappas said the decision was driven by the need for the type of flexible decision-making and cohesion necessary as we move towards a more competitive and deregulated tertiary education environment by 2012.

"A smaller Council will provide greater opportunity for individual participation and for more meaningful in-depth interaction and discussions," Mr Pappas said.

"While allowing for robust debate, it has the potential to create a cohesive group with a shared understanding, addressing the needs of the University as a whole, rather than an assembly whose members may feel compelled to state the views of respective stakeholder groups."

"At the same time more opportunities will be created for Councillors to be informed about the issues that are important to each of the University's stakeholder groups. We will meet regularly with representatives of various stakeholder groups to hear their ideas on how engagement and communications with Council can be improved."

 A plan to manage the reduction in size will be presented to Council by March of next year.

The change has been made possible by new University legislation, the Victoria University Act 2010, which allows Council to determine its size between 14 and 21 members.

At its meeting on 25 October 2010 the Council resolved that the future size of Council would be 14, comprising:

  • Three official members (Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and the Chair of the Education and Research Board;
  • Four appointed members (appointed by Government and including the Ministerial Representative);
  • Four Council appointed members;
  • Three elected members (two staff members and one student member).

The change will take place over the next two years. Careful consideration will be given to creating a new Council which has a sufficiently broad range of skills and experience to meet its responsibilities.

"This decision represents a significant initiative to meet the challenges ahead and to achieve best practice in University governance," Mr Pappas said.


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