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Victoria University increases Higher Education offers in 2010

Victoria University has increased the number of first round offers it has made for 2010.

Dr Rob Brown, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Institutional Services said: "This year the University has made 4409 Higher Educational offers – an increase of 11 per cent over last year."

"There have been increased offers across all our Higher Education faculties, with Arts, Education and Human Development up 12.0 per cent; Business and Law up 11.0 per cent; and Health, Engineering and Science up 8.9 per cent."

"The University also made 1161 Vocational Education offers through VTAC., although, VU makes far more Vocational Education offers outside of the VTAC process."

"At the same time as our increased number of offers, almost all of our ENTER scores have either increased or remained unchanged from last year."

"We attribute our success in the number of increased offers we have made to having worked much harder to attract students during the first-round offer process – and this has paid off."

"The increased offers are also a reflection of the fact that our inner-based campuses continue to be attractive to our current and potential students."

"We are aiming to significantly over-enrol this year, in line with the Federal Government's fully funded target of up to 110 per cent."

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