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Victoria University continues to break new ground by expanding its course offerings in India

At a symposium in Delhi on the 22  February 2012 focusing on best practice in international education partnerships, as part of the Trade Mission to India with the Victorian  Premier, Australia's Victoria University will announce its intention for a significant expansion of the courses it offers at Ganpat University in Gujarat State. 2012 will see the development of a suite of twinning dual awarded masters courses as the next stage in the partnership between the two universities.

Victoria University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Dawkins said, "The launch of our Masters in Enterprise Resource Planning in 2011 in India is one of the first by an Australian university to be delivered on the ground in India.  This further expansion of our teaching substantially builds on the outstanding success of our initial program, and that of our partnership with Ganpat University."

Victoria University, based in Melbourne, is an Australian leader in building strong global networks with partner universities and colleges, and it offers first-class teaching and learning support around the world. Today's announcement not only reflects the university's international approach to its activities, but also to the outstanding quality and depth of Victoria University's courses in postgraduate business and computer science, and their direct relevance to the booming Gujurat economy.

"We are now planning to expand the suite of Masters Degrees in Engineering Science (Wireless and Network Engineering), Project Management, and Business (Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management) at Ganpat University," Professor Dawkins said.

"Gujarat is a true economic powerhouse, and we are proud to be helping educate the local business people. They will be an asset to India and the world.

"Victoria University and Ganpat University make excellent partners, as we share many common values. Our courses have a strong focus on and connection to local and global industries."

He said the Government was expanding its higher education capacity, and it had welcomed and supported Victoria University's participation in education locally.

"We are an ideal fit," Professor Dawkins said.

"The government is progressive and focused on education to drive its continued economic growth, Ganpat University shares our values, and we are helping to ensure graduates in India are ready for the demands of the workplace. We are making a true difference in Gujarat."

Media Contact: Christine White,General Manager, Media, Public Affairs  Department, Victoria University, Ph: 61 3 9919 4322, mobile 0434 602 884



  • The partnership between Victoria University (VU) and Ganpat University was established in 2010 with a pilot program: the Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems).
  • Course content is delivered through a combination of Victoria University and Ganpat University staff.
  • The pilot has been very successful, and the first Indian students will graduate this July.
  • The new courses are Masters of Engineering Science (Wireless and Network Engineering), Masters of Project Management, and Masters of Business (Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management).
  • Ganpat University has provided a dedicated building for its VU-partnered courses.
  • VU focuses on the courses that matter to Gujarat and its economy, producing graduates who are ready for work.
  • All course content belongs to Victoria University.
  • Victoria University conducts all exams and marking.
  • Ganpat and Victoria universities have strong connections to local industries, and both are University Grants Commission-recognised universities.
  • We are planning for further research and teaching collaborations in the future.
  • Gujarat State is focusing on expanding its higher education and has welcomed VU's participation in the local education sector.

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