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Jewels of the Mediterranean: Maltese treasures on display at VU

Rare artefacts depicting the rich culture and history of Malta will be on display at Victoria University libraries for a four-week exhibition, "Jewels of the Mediterranean: Malta and the Maltese."

The exhibition will include photographs, drawings and artefacts.  Malta is a significant site in European prehistory due to the fascinating collection of Neolithic limestone temples and ruins scattered throughout the island. They date from 4500 to 6000 years old and are the oldest free-standing buildings in the world. A piece of 5000-year-old pottery found in one of these temples will be a highlight.

The exhibition will feature other aspects of Malta's culture including its language, religion, traditions, education and literature. A selection of old photographic portraits, posters and coins that date back to 1868 will also be on display.

Dr Victoria Borg, a VU sessional lecturer and founder of the Maltese Connections Association, has coordinated the project. Dr Borg has been actively involved in several other events over the years that have been hosted by VU on behalf of the Maltese community.

There are strong and vibrant connections between Australia and Malta, and in particular Melbourne's west, where tens of thousands of Maltese have settled as part of the country's far-flung diaspora. The Maltese migrant community in Australia represents the largest Maltese community outside of Malta, and nearly every family in Malta has a relative living in Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that about 160,000 Australians claim Maltese ancestry and nearly half of those live in Victoria.

Dr Borg said the purpose of the exhibition is to share some aspects of the Maltese culture with the wider community, and promote the cultural diversity and richness of Melbourne's west. It is also to raise awareness of a Malta study tour being organised for later this year by VU's School of Communication and the Arts in conjunction with the Maltese Community Council of Victoria, as well as an exchange program between VU and the University of Malta.

The exhibition is open to the public and is free.

Jewels of the Mediterranean: Malta and the Maltese

20 and 21 April from 9.00am - 10 pm

Footscray Park Campus Library (Bldg P) (Melway 2S:F4)


22 April - 20 May from 9.00am -10pm weekdays and from 10am-5pm weekends

St Albans Campus Library (Bldg 7) (Melway 25: K3)



For information about "Jewels of the Mediterranean: Malta and the Maltese," contact

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