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Institute congratulates Victorian Government's Budget commitment to transport

Dr Pieter Nagel, Director of Victoria University's Institute for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (ILSCM) today congratulated Minister Pallas and Minister Kosky for the growth in the transport infrastructure spending in this year's State budget.

Dr Nagel said: "Given the current economic environment, it must be recognised that this was a very difficult and challenging budget to put together."

"The budget is well balanced between the various elements i.e. public transport, environmental considerations, metropolitan, regional and rural infrastructure development."

"This is a budget to be very positive about. It reflects a level of commitment that I have not really seen in a State budget before - particularly for transport infrastructure which is a significant component of this budget."

"We will see a much more sophisticated and integrated infrastructure for the next generation, and the Victorian Government needs to be commended on its commitment to the future."

"It also clearly reflects a real commitment towards implementing the Victorian Transport Plan (VTP) in particular the further development of public transport."

"Some of the time lines for project completion are very ambitious, and the Government has clearly recognised this will really create jobs - especially in the short to medium term, when they are most needed."

"There are a number of items still contingent on federal government contributions. Therefore, I hope that the Federal Government will make a significant contribution to the development of Victoria's transport infrastructure.

"I am looking forward to the release of Infrastructure Australia's plan in the coming weeks." 

Dr Pieter Nagel is available for interview. Mobile: 0412 505 849


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