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Getting high for a cause: men needed for unique altitude study

Ever wanted to climb a mountain without breaking a sweat?

Victoria University is calling for 10 male participants to spend almost three weeks living at a simulated altitude of 3200 metres.

The unique study will take place in VU's world-class high altitude hotel, located in the new Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL) building at the Footscray Park campus.

VU Professor David Bishop is calling for volunteers aged 18 to 35 who are available to spend 19 days, 24 hours a day, in the altitude hotel. Each participant will be paid $300 if they complete the study.

"This opportunity would be perfect for people who want some time to relax, read, study and think,'' Professor Bishop said. "It will be just like Big Brother without the cameras.''

Chronic hypoxia is a condition that results from a climate of reduced oxygen availability, such as mountains at high altitude.

"A greater understanding of the adaptations to hypoxia is essential to better understand the basis of pathological conditions such as pulmonary diseases, which are characterised by a reduced availability of oxygen,'' he said.

A series of tests will be performed during the study including blood samples, muscle biopsies and constant-load exercise regimes.

Food and accommodation will be provided to the participants as well as a diverse range of entertainment options including TV with Foxtel, DVDs, internet access, printer, books, newspapers, magazines, and board games. Each participant will be provided with a personal DVD player plus access to more than 100 DVDs.

For further information please contact Professor David Bishop on 0435 962 364 or email [email protected]


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