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Funding cuts leave tertiary education under a cloud

Victoria University's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Dawkins, today expressed disappointment at the Commonwealth's decision to reduce university funding.

"We acknowledge that the government will use the funds to contribute towards increased funding for schools and we believe in increased investment in the school sector," said Professor Dawkins. "For example, this should enable the performance and post-secondary participation rates of students in our western Melbourne heartland to be boosted.

"However, to support such an increase by taking funding from universities sends a mixed message. It suggests that education funding is a zero sum game, but many studies have shown that public money invested in education at all levels returns a positive economic and social benefit to the country."

Professor Dawkins said that preliminary analysis suggests that the cuts will reduce Victoria University's revenue by about $2.7m in 2014, $4.4m in 2015 and every year thereafter. He said that the University's management would have to make difficult decisions about how to accommodate these cuts.

"If school students get a better opportunity for a flying start in life, but are then unable to access good quality tertiary education, then this defeats the whole purpose of investing in education.

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