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Victoria University's Enactus VU was one of eight teams to win the highly-regarded Spirit Award at the Enactus National Conference and Championships for their dedication to helping their community.

Enactus stands for  –  entrepreneur, action and us –  it is about a group of people who by being connected show a deep commitment to entrepreneurial action.

The Spirit Award recognises the teams who demonstrate the utmost passion and enthusiasm to better the lives of others.

The international non-profit organisation brings groups of talented students together to create social projects aimed at improving the standard of living of disadvantaged people in local and international communities. The Enactus community is currently present in 37 countries.

Teams from twenty two Australian universities participated in the three-day competition and presented their projects to a panel of judges drawn from the business community around Australia.

The VU team consists of twelve members whose projects include:

  • PIA Project – the youth suicide prevention project became the PIA project in remembrance of Pia a suicide victim. The project aims to educate the community about suicide and reduce the number of suicides among youth.
  • Greening VU – reducing the carbon footprint of VU.
  • Warm Up project – collecting donations from the VU community to provide disadvantaged families and the homeless with warm clothing for the winter season.
  • Cooking at the Village – providing basic cooking classes to international students at the Student Village.

President of Enactus VU, Mustapha Kassar who lives in Hoppers Crossing is very passionate about the program. While studying a Bachelor of Business Marketing at Footscray Park Campus he joined Enactus in his second year as a way to give back to the community. He welcomes the opportunity to work with departments within the University to make a positive impact on the community within and outside of VU.

Mustapha said, "It's a great way to apply what I've learnt in my course to the real world. We work with people in the workforce who mentor us in public speaking, networking and developing business proposals.

"We receive in kind donations from local businesses and we are looking for businesses who may want to sponsor us or be part of our Business Advisory Board."

The team is looking forward to building upon this success and expanding its student membership. Next year, Enactus VU hopes to compete at the nationals in Queensland for the chance to attend the World Cup.

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Mustapha Kassar is available for interview

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