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Climate scientists use rap to promote their message

Climate scientists have taken their message online with a rap number attacking climate sceptics.

Their performance, I'm a Climate Scientist, featured on ABC TV's Hungry Beast program last night, has been posted on YouTube by the show's producers Zapruder.

Its message is simple: most climate change deniers are not climate scientists; real climate scientists almost universally believe that humans are changing the climate, the risks are real and serious and they can be addressed.

Professor Roger Jones, climate scientist from Victoria University, is one of the experts who appear in the rap number.

"Hungry Beast contacted a group I'm in called Climate Scientists Australia, whose work involves presenting the facts on climate change to politicians and other decision-makers," Professor Jones said.

"Although this work is rewarding, it can be a fairly dry exercise and I relished the opportunity to do something different. The other scientists were recruited by email - everyone took the opportunity to step away from the 'sensible' message to have some fun with it.

"The message about climate change that the public gets is that it's difficult and it's very scary. We wanted to tackle this from a different point of view: why shouldn't solving the problems of climate change be fun? It shouldn't have to be such a burden.

"The mass media has been used successfully by those who deny climate change is real. But we are also aware that there is an entirely different audience of largely younger people who get their information online and we wanted to reach them."

Take a look at the youtube clip of I'm a Climate Scientist.

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